Start at the intersection of Knowling St and Steer St, on Steer St, right on Doyle St, right on Outerbridge St, left on Topsail Rd, right on Burgeo St, left on Canada Dr, right on Hopeall St, left on Frecker Dr, left on and around Gander Cres, left on Frecker Dr, left on Bellevue Cres, right on Frecker Dr and on to school.

Stops (in order of travel)

  1. Knowling St @ Steer St
  2. Doyle St @ Bishop Pl
  3. Doyle St @ Outerbridge St
  4. Canada Dr @ Rose Blanche St
  5. #40 Gander Cres
  6. #52 Bellevue Cres

First Pick-up: 7:50 a.m.               Depart School: 2:45 p.m.

Arrive School: 8:10 a.m.               Last Drop-off: 3:15 p.m.


Courtesy bus forms are available from the school office or on the NLESD website.  You must apply for a courtesy bus seat each new school year.